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Because of these features, our pet food production line becomes your first choice

Wide application, It can produce dog food, cat food, birds food, fish feed, shrimp feed, etc.
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1.No pollution.

For raw material, our production line can use various grains flour(like wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour,etc), fish meal, bone powder and so on to produce the pet food.

For energy, pet food production line uses the electricity and steam as the energy. It does not produce any exhaust gas, waste water pollution, and does not pollute water, soil, air, etc.

2.No waste.

For example,the production line can produce 1000kg final pet food by using 1000kg raw material. There is no waste during the production.

3.Energy saving

For the twin screw extruder,

After more than 10 years of repeated experimental upgrades, adjusting the distance between the screw and the barrel, the transmission method of the gear box, etc. Compared with traditional equipment, it saves 30% of electrical energy.

For the dryer,

The dryer uses a multi-layer reciprocating structure. Through the setting of different temperatures and mesh belt speeds, the drying area is fully utilized and the drying efficiency is greatly improved.

In summary,  Compared with traditional equipment, the production line saves 37-38% of electrical energy.

4.Secondary use of waste

With the development of the city, the catering kitchens generate a large amount of kitchen waste. The farms and slaughterhouses also generate a large number of waste animal organs, bones and other difficult to handle and odorous waste.

Our production line can use the above difficult to handle and odorous waste to produce animal feed.

5.Water saving

The pet food production line is mainly used to produce dry pet food. For each 1t of pet food production, only 150-180kg of water is consumed.


The pet food production line has the CE certification. User-friendly operation. There is a independent control system for the whole production line. So the operation is safer.

7.Save human effort

The whole production line is automatic from mixing, extruding, drying, flavoring to finished product. Only need 2-3 people to operate it.

8. High quality of final pet food

9. Various capacity, like 140-160kg/h, 240-260kg/h, 400-500kg/h, 800-1000kg/h, 1-1.5T/h, 2-2.5T/h, etc.

10.Wide application. It can produce dog food, cat food, birds food, fish feed, shrimp feed, etc.