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A new service chapter of Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you
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With the decline in the toxicity of the new coronavirus Omicron strain, the increase in the injection rate of the vaccines, and the inclusion of targeted drugs into the medical diagnosis and treatment plan, in the post-epidemic era, Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. will strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control measures. While actively cooperating with epidemic prevention and control policies and actively carrying out online and offline business negotiation and after-sales service modes (installation, commissioning and operator training, etc.). The specific content is as follows:

1. Vigorously carry out offline promotion. Our company will increase investment in foreign exhibitions and business travel to better assist foreign dealers in negotiations and local services. In countries and regions where no agent or dealer have been established, our company will also dispatch necessary sales persons and engineers at any time to provide localized business negotiation and technical support services to assist buyers in their investment projects.

2. In the past 3 years, we have accumulated abundant experience in online guidance services, helping the vast majority of users to complete the machine installation and commissioning work successfully. Some users even said with emotion, "It turns out that the online service is so perfect! It not only saves the round-trip time for visa applications and engineers' travel, but also saves air tickets, accommodation and food costs." However, for some more complex projects, we still need to send engineers to carry out on-site installation, commissioning and training services. Therefore, in response to the needs of customers, our company will coordinate and cooperate with customers' after-sales services in an orderly manner. On the basis of returning to the after-sales work mode before the epidemic as soon as possible, we will continue to provide online services. In the next work, whether to provide online services will mainly consider the following points: the scale of the production line, the difficulty of equipment operation, the urgency of machine installation and commissioning, and the principle of independent selection by customers.

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. looks forward to going out as soon as possible and meeting you.

3. We have been asked by buyers countless times to visit our factory in the past 3 years, and now we sincerely invite overseas buyers to visit our factory. We will provide you with thoughtful consultation, business reception, business meeting and order inspection services. Let you have an in-depth understanding of mechanical equipment and enjoy the service of being at home.

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you.

The combination of "going out" and "inviting you to come" will create a more solid cooperation mode. Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is always ready, are you ready?

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