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Company Profile

Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. (Jinan, China) has been committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of food extrusion machinery and industrial microwave equipment . Relying on advanced and superb technology, rich experience in machine manufacturing, pre-sales and after-sales services, our machines have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions all over the world. Our company has established a good school-enterprise cooperation mechanism with famous universities at home and abroad, and is at the first-class level in the industry in terms of technical exchanges, talent introduction, and mechanical equipment research and development.

Joyang company’s extrusion machines are widely used in R&D and production fields such as food, feed, chemical raw materials, and so on. The two machines most in demand are single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders. According to the customer's target product requirements, output requirements, plant space, budget and other specific conditions, we can target puffed snack food production line, fried snacks food production line, macaroni pasta production line, breakfast cereals production line, corn flakes production line, pet food production line, medium and large-sized extruded aquatic fish feed production line, small feed extruder and pelleting machine, textured protein production line, Kurkure Cheetos snack production line, modified pregelatinized starch production line, bread crumbs production line, puffed cereal nutritional powder production line, pet chew production line and other food puffing equipment to make specific solutions. For models with higher cost performance and production capacity, our research on the three-screw extruder has also been put on the agenda. we believe that in the near future, we will show this model to the majority of users. Stay tuned, please.

Joyang company’s fully automatic industrial microwave equipment is widely used in products drying, food products sterilization and insecticidal eggs, rapid heating, frozen products thawing, meat degreasing, cereals baking and maturation, tea leaves fixing, food puffing, and medicinal and cosmetic ingredients extraction, and other fields, etc. For different material characteristics, output requirements, temperature control requirements, and final product quality requirements, we can provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose, such as tunnel type, cabinet type and customized vacuum microwave equipment. Deep technical reserves and long-term meticulous service have promoted the improvement of the details of our microwave equipment. The evaluation of our microwave equipment by users mainly focuses on the following points: exquisite stainless-steel material, stable quality of world-famous brands components, high precise temperature control, high automation degree, clear and concise man-machine interface with clear program, and customized equipment meet customer needs in a deeper level, and so on. Joyang company all staff know that the needs of customers are always our way forward. Only with meticulous and attentive services, we can make better equipment and win the trusts from both new and old customers.

According to different raw materials, products requirements, model operation interface, automation level, machine material and other requirements, we make the most reasonable production line plan configuration, the most user-friendly operation interface design, the most professional automation equipment structure and the most precise processing. The high precision and the application of the highest quality parts ensure that each machine leaves the factory to satisfy customers, and is praised by the industry insiders.

Focus lead to profession, and professionalism cast success. Integrity management, quality first, service attentively. Shandong Joyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is the most professional supplier of extrusion solutions and the most perfect equipment manufacturer!

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