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Comparison of Pet food by extruder, cold pressed pet food, freeze pet food

Comparison of Pet food by extruder cold pressed pet food freeze pet food
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Pet food by extruder


Mixing the powdery raw materials first; then, under the high-temperature and high-pressure working environment of the extruder, the moisture in the food will vaporize and expand, making the food appear many small pores and become crispy; finally, spray oil and sprinkle seasoning powder , food attractant, etc. to increase the nutrition, taste and fragrance of pet food.


1.The price of puffed grain is relatively cheap

2.Puffed grains have low moisture content and are durable to storage

3.The puffed grain particles are small and easy to carry

4.High temperature and high pressure can kill various molds, salmonella and other harmful substances, and improve the safety and sanitation of pet food.

5.With a high market share, most pet food manufacturers produce extruded pet food.

6.The craft is very mature

7.You can add the nutrients your pet needs by yourself


1.Under high-temperature and high-pressure, nutrients that are sensitive to temperature are easily destroyed and lost, such as vitamin B

2.Feeding this type pet food to cats for a long time can easily lead to an increase in the chances of cats suffering from urinary diseases. Because of the low water content of this type food, cats don’t like to drink water by nature, and the frequency of urination is less, and the stones in the urethra cannot be discharged in time, so they are prone to urinary stones.

Cold Pressed Pet Food


The raw materials are processed and crushed first, and then the raw materials are pressed into shape at a low temperature and low pressure of about 40-45°C, and then slowly baked and dehydrated, and then packaged.


1.Because most of the nutrients of raw materials can be preserved under low temperature and low pressure.

2.Dog food is not greasy and tastes good

3.The technology is relatively mature

4.General market share


1.Dog food particles are solid, pets are not easy to absorb

2.Because there is no high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization, the quality requirements of raw materials are strict.

Freeze Pet Food


Mainly in a vacuum environment, sublimating the moisture of frozen food directly from solid ice to steam and draining the moisture in the food material to make it dry.


1.Light weight, easy to store

2.It can better maintain the original nutrients of food, such as aromatic amino acids, vitamins, etc.

3.The color, fragrance, taste and nutrients of fresh raw materials are preserved to the greatest extent.


1.Single nutrition, high protein, low fat and dietary fiber

The variety of food is single, and the proportion of meat is high.

2.Long-term use can easily lead to unbalanced nutritional intake of pets

3.Expensive of raw materials

4.Difficult to digest for young pets