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Application of Microwave Machine in Tea Production

Microwave machine is widely used in food, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries, and also plays a major role in tea production.
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The moisture content of tea leaves after fixing should be 58-60%, and the moisture content after drying should be 4-6%. The tea leaves processed by microwave machine still maintain their original taste, original shape, and original color, and the basic nutrients are not lost, and they are made When tea leaves are brewed in boiling water, their color, shape and taste are basically the same as fresh tea leaves. At present, the frying process and hot air drying process of tea are relatively random, and the heating temperature of the equipment is difficult to control. During the processing, tea is prone to red stems, red leaves, scorched leaves, uneven color, etc., making it difficult to guarantee the quality of tea. Microwaves have penetrating and non-thermal effects. They can quickly heat up to the temperature required for tea leaves to be cured and dried, destroy the enzymes in fresh leaves and prevent enzymatic reactions. They can better solve a problem that exists in the traditional blanching and drying processes. series of questions.

At present, our microwave machine is mainly used for green tea processing. Microwave technology is a relatively mature technology and has the following advantages:

1. Through the series combination of multiple microwave heating cavities, it is convenient to determine the tea greening and drying process. The microwave power can be adjusted as needed within the set range;
2. Simplified equipment design, combined installation, convenient processing, transportation and maintenance; customers can produce both small batches and continuous mass production;
3. The microwave leakage performance is good, there are microwave suppression systems at both ends, and the equipment manufacturing cost is relatively low.

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